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Will Chase is Burning Man's former Minister of Propaganda, working on global communications strategy. Will first attended Burning Man in Thanks for sharing it, Will. Report comment. I came to Burning Man last year with a group of friends, but being the social butterfly I am, I spent quite a bit of time exploring the festival on my own, drifting from one camp to another, meeting new people and generally sampling the delights that the festival had to offer.

It turned out that they had a few fellow Brits camping with them too so natually we got talking. One girl I felt particullarily drawn and as we both came from a similar part ofthe world. As the conversation progressed it turned out we actually had a few friends in common. Not that unusual of course, but then something even more bizzare happened.

As she described the party and the location it suddenly dawned on me. Playa Magic indeed :P. Two friends and I got in early on Saturday. I was a virgin for BM No idea what I was getting myself into. Scared as hell mixed with excitement I had never felt. We showed up Saturday and after dealing with some heavy wind, we headed out to see the Man. We walk out, this crisp, refreshing air feels so light as we walk towards this structure. We see the cones, and we respect that the final touches are being constructed on the Man.

Stolen Child

Sunday rolls by, went to the Man twice. Monday from what I remember, maybe Tuesday, but who really knows what day it is out there? We stop, turn around and politely walk towards the staircase, where a line is forming behind us. We had been there 4 times, at random, and we happen to be there for the moment that it had opened. Although it seems silly, I still hold this as the most serendipitous moment in my life.

On Tuesday I met a man named Jason. Wednesday night we ran into each other again, which is pretty amazing considering we were in the desert with 41, people all having a party, so to make a long story short after that we stuck together. Thursday night we rode in his art car to the Raygun Gothic Rocket, which after waiting in line and climbing up a ladder you could explore. Jason went up first while I had some deep soul sharing with his friend Rick. By the time we got up Jason had finished and gone back into the dark desert. I noticed one of the flight crew struggling with his flashlight, so I offered to hold it while he prepared a mini rocket to fire.

After explaining the process, he asked me to launch the rocket. After launching my rocket into what I supposed was oblivion, I climbed down the stairs and found Jason with his crew. They were all talking about the fact that Jason had caught the rocket mid-air and that he was the first person to do this. Fast forward: I moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans 2 months after we met, and we are still together basking in the glow of the playa and his fabulous rainbow lights!

In we came ready to spread love and create magic… We had a dome, a decent sized sound system, generators, art projects- car and everything we felt belonged on the playa… We had waited throughout the night, and had told friends the approximate location we wanted to settle, and D.

We had no idea that this address had been reserved for theme camps.

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We rolled in around am and started setting up. We had squeezed in tightly, unknowingly between 2 full-on established camps.

We erected our dome, numerous tents, unloaded hundreds of costumes and toys, and made ourselves at home. Just as I was falling asleep I heard a mans voice explaining that we had encroached into reserved space, and that more people were showing up… We needed to move. I went outside to try and work some magic, and found that the person asking us to move was a life-long friend and co-worker from the Oregon Country Fair.

We exchanged hugs and smiles and soon learned out that the people who were coming to park an R. We were more than welcome to stay and co-exsist with our fair-family. Of all of the places we could have ended up, this was the perfect fit, there was just enough space, and we were with veterans, while we had 8 virgins in a group of We had amazing spiritual adventures, and powerful awakenings all week long, and the serendipitous occurrences blessed us continually!

Our location provided much needed safety and support during our Sabbaticals to the outer dimensions. Every year similar tales unfold as we are open to and aware of this magic that permeates our experience. We love all the volunteers and dedicated participants that make this place so special, thank you for everything you share. See you next year!

There are multiple stories I could tell about this virgin experience, but the major synchronicity started with my Polaroid camera.

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Here's how to understand them.

After giving away tons of shots that year- my accidental gifting- I took one on the night of the burn of my two friends Peter and Christophe standing in the massive crowd, Man in the background with his arms up, waiting for the pyrotechnics to begin. Ah, Burning Man. Turns out his first year was as well, so we had plenty of notes to compare.

There were Peter and Christophe and that cowboy-hatted dude…who, come to think of it, looked remarkably like…no way.

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Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle by C.G. Jung

Out of the whatever thousand people there that year, the thousands crowded around the man that Saturday night, the ONE other guy you can make out in the picture- and only because he HAPPENED to turn his head the moment the picture was snapped- was none other than my awesome new buddy Farilla. I had just realized it! Happened too many times to remember. Even seemingly little things, like a friend who lost her goggles one day, was out in the center of the playa the next day when a dust storm rolled in.

Squinting and walking around looking for some shelter, her foot touched on something in the dust: her goggles. Last year, I came home to our camp in the middle of the day to find a postcard shoved in the top of our cooler. I was just reading this through again, standing on the side of the road, when a green Subaru drove up.

I waved the card and stepped in front of the car, and the woman on the passenger side rolled the window down. Thank you, playa! On Tuesday morning in , I rolled out of my mini dome only to see Walter, a giant VW bus staring down on me. On Wednesday night, our camp had a party and the crew of the bus came over and joined us.

I was surprised to discover the crew constructed the bus just 2 miles east of where I live in Phoenix, AZ. It surprised me because both camps were non-theme camps and were set up in open camping areas. The randomness of selecting sites which were adjacent to one another was startling until I realized, it was pure Playa magic.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

Our mission is to inspire creativity through the collaborative efforts of our local community while following many of the principles which makes Burning Man one of the most successful art projects in the world. Thank you to all of the volunteers and participants which make Burning Man what it is today. Because of your hard work and countless hours, my life has been changed in ways I never would have imagined.

Being that we were in the middle of the desert and although had an amazing kitchen and amount of food there was no blender or smoothies. Not one min. Years ago I was part of a big chill space on The Promenade. We had an open mic and people would come in and read poetry, play music, rant, etc.

One afternoon a very pretty, young and very sad girl came in and we all noticed her extreme sadness so encouraged her to grab the microphone and tell us why. She had become separated from her camp and boyfriend the morning after arriving in the middle of the night and was unable to find her camp again and had spent the last two days in the camp of strangers.

She went on for some time, mostly about how much she missed her boyfriend and how he must be so freaked out and worried about her. There were about 20 of us in the space and we were all crying and trying to figure out how to get her back to her camp so we got in a circle and held hands and did a long chant for her.