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He stopped when he got next to him. Until recently, he always fought his battles alone, and this one was the same.

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Bagger ran back 20 feet, stopped, and ran again toward Fram. His legs pushed hard, moving faster with each step until he reached the edge of the roof. He squatted down, while maintaining his momentum, pushed into the ground, then leapt into the air. He soared 30 feet in a perfect arc that landed him easily onto the metallic roof of the other building. Fram knew he would never be able to do what Bagger just did.

He had to walk the plank. He ran over to the wooden platform. His right foot softly touched down, then his left foot. At this pace, he knew he would never reach Bagger. He moved his feet faster, maintaining his balance by putting his arms out to each side. Then he made the mistake of looking down instead of forward. He tried to ignore the feeling, but as his feet moved faster, his dizziness got worse. He lost his balance and tipped toward the right edge of the plank.

Only his body tipped, while his feet gripped onto the plank just like when he climbed the wall. With the plank secure and his feet clinging to it, it was like he walked on solid ground. His pace quickened, and he ran across the plank and made it safely to the other building. Bagger was on the other side, standing at the last obstacle of the course.

Fram ran to him and caught up without much effort. He stopped when he reached Bagger, rested his hands on his knees, and breathed heavily. Before them, a large propeller, 60 feet in diameter, spun at a revolution every two seconds. Each one had a lip a half-inch long on the bottom. He focused on the propellers and counted them.

e-book Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability

He spun with the propeller for four revolutions, kept his eyes focused on the next rooftop, and released the suction. The speed of the revolutions flung him in the air, causing him to land near the middle of the last rooftop. Another feet and he would cross the finish line. But you sure can lose! Bagger scrunched up his nose and pumped his fist at Fram. He turned around and ran toward the finish line. A good size crowd waited for him. All the other students, ranging in age from 10 to 13, including Tia Umber, 12, who twirled her long fire-red hair with her index finger, cheered Fram on.

Bagger always won these things, and Fram always lost. They were hungry for an upset. Traisal and his assistant, Dr. They held clipboards in their hands and wrote furiously onto their notepads as they documented what happened during the race.

Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability

Beside them were two monitors, each sitting on a three-foot high cart, used to watch the aspects of the competition out of their view. She jumped up and down and clapped her hands. Bet your butt! He was a short little kid, with small round glasses, and he always managed to make Fram laugh. Fram liked having all the support.

He liked having everyone on his side. Maybe this would change him a little. Make him a little less fearful, more sociable, more liked. At the moment he ran to the finish, he felt freer than he ever had. Meanwhile, Bagger hung onto the propeller and got ready to dismount. During the spinning, he swung his body back and forth, trying to gain momentum on top of what the propeller already gave him. Then he released the propeller and flew through the air at a greater speed than Fram did. Her eyes grew wider. Lanker had a similar expression; he pointed his hand in the air.

Fram, while still running, looked behind and saw Bagger falling toward him, feet first. He was unable to react. The group of students split apart to avoid a collision as Fram and Bagger slid toward a three-foot high wall of brick. Their momentum pushed them hard enough that it caused them to crash into the brick, break it into pieces, and fall six stories to the sidewalk below.

As they fell, Fram ended up on the bottom, and they descended quickly until they slammed into the sidewalk. Fram was pushed into the concrete, fully under Bagger. But he had a pain in his back where Bagger kicked him. Then everything went black because he passed out.

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  4. Of the three choices I gave you, numbers two and three received the most votes, but they were tied. I obviously couldn't use both synopses. So I decided to look at the strong points from both of those and comments left by you. Combing all that help, I wrote a fourth and final synopsis. This on, in my opinion, is the best of all of them. It is focused, to the point, but doesn't reveal too much about the story.

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    I owe it all to you who participated. If not for your votes and suggestions, I could not of have written this killer synopsis.

    Thank you so much! Also, look for a post in the next week with the first chapter from the book. Fram Gage has lived at Biality Orphanage for six months, remembering nothing about his past before arriving there. She really wanted a tablet. What was the main reason? She wanted to easily sit in her recliner and browse the Internet. She won't have to worry about "lugging" her laptop over to do that anymore. It seemed like a small problem to me, but who am I to argue?

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