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So You're Having a Faith Crisis

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When Church Is Hard

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So You’re Having a Faith Crisis…

I repeated the question to myself. This was an easy question.

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  • Modern society doesn't have a crisis of faith; it has a crisis of love.
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I should be able to handle this one. What classes am I taking? I started to grow frantic. He tried to calm me down. My parents summoned a doctor. Apparently the medical staff had been so focused on my leg injury, they had neglected to focus on my head injury. Somebody brought me a book to read. I looked at the letters. It was like seeing someone you know on the street but not being able to place him. I knew I had seen those letters before, but where? And what were they called?

The doctors assured me that I would regain my ability to read. But I was devastated. A philosophy major with a brain injury is like a carpenter without his tools. I felt useless and utterly lost. I learned two very important lessons from that experience. Firstly, I learned that my ability to think, analyze, and argue my way through philosophical theories that I had once taken such pride in had nothing to do with me. It was all a gift from God—and it was a gift that could be taken away in an instant by a bullet, a disease, or a taxicab while standing on a street corner.

Secondly, I learned to accept my intellectual limitations. It is a critical lesson for someone who is suffering from a faith crisis. Only God has the perspective of the perfectly blended side of the rug. Questions such as why good people suffer are unanswerable because our perspective is so limited. My car accident put me in a position where I was forced to face myself with very noticeable intellectual limitations.

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It was extremely difficult, but it was a very powerful lesson for me. There are a few points that I hope readers will take away from this article. Those undergoing a faith crisis should understand that what they are going through is a natural part of faith development. One should not feel embarrassed to seek help or ask questions. Suffering in solitude is never the answer. At times, a faith crisis has emotional triggers that need to be dealt with by therapists. Other times, it may have intellectual roots and the individual is seeking answers.

Nobody should ever be made to feel guilty about questioning God. Some questions have answers, and those answers should be examined. And in some ways it resembles stage three. You return to serving, worshipping, teaching, acting. But it comes from an entirely different basis. But you know them when you meet them. I have met very few truly holy people in my life.

But all of them have been lost in the depths at some point.

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First, it rarely looks this neat. We are all just at different points in our spiritual life. Third, there are no shortcuts. Each stage has to be encountered. So, what do you do if you find yourself in that darkness? But this is something in us. All right, it might be a bit of a cause, but generally, our church leaders are doing their best.

They are coping with numerous crises, spinning a great many plates and often going through a Mid-faith Crisis of their own. We need to grow up and take responsibility for our own spiritual formation. The thing is that church is really built for the early stages. That said, there is more that churches could do to facilitate and accommodate this process.

They could make sure that they understand what is going on. They could provide safe spaces to talk. The real point is that the Midfaith Crisis does not have to be the end. Can you imagine? Many people in our churches are going through the unimaginable. It can be unimaginably painful, disorientating, unsettling for all of us. But it can also be the source of unimaginable life and unimaginable joy. Nick Page is a writer and speaker. How should we respond when our pastors 'fall from grace'?

Heather Tomlinson investigates. Jonathan Langley speaks to author and speaker Richard Rohr about mysticism and contemplative faith. The following books are perfect for anyone struggling with their Christian faith, says Cassie Phillips. Deep breaths.