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Logo Created with Sketch. Buy Rent. Include properties in neighbouring suburbs Select All Deselect All. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Patti has been an illustrator for both children's books and for licensing.

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Her licensed images can be seen on a variety of product including garden flags, mailbox covers, gift bags,greeting cards,needlepoint,mugs and stickers. She has a real love for painting animals and has done award winning art for the United States Humane Society. Patti has a studio in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains where she also lives with her husband, son and 4 adopted felines. Average Review.

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Write a Review. But he is furiously active on Facebook. He posts a steady stream of rumors, strident opinion columns and news reports on crimes committed by refugees. Though none crosses into hate speech or fake news, in the aggregate, they portray Germany as beset by dangerous foreigners. When more casual users open Facebook, often what they see is a world shaped by superposters like Mr. Their exaggerated worldviews play well on the algorithm, allowing them to collectively — and often unknowingly — dominate newsfeeds. Paluck said.

In the offline world, people decide collectively whom to listen to and whom to ignore. Professional gatekeepers such as editors or party leaders decide which voices to elevate.

Between Friends

Facebook overrides those practices. In a recent study , Dr. Paluck found that schoolchildren decide whether bullying is right or wrong based largely on what they believe their classmates think. But the students, as shorthand for figuring this out, paid special attention to a handful of influential peers.

Paluck, by persuading the influential students to oppose bullying, could shift social norms in an entire school, reducing bullying by about a third. Isolating students who favor bullying and elevating those who oppose it can also reduce violence. By shuffling around the students just so, a few moderating voices could be made to set norms for the whole community.

Between Friends by Amanda Cowen

It elevates a class of superposters like Mr. Wasserman who, in the aggregate, give readers an impression that social norms are more hostile to refugees and more distrustful of authority than they really are. Even if no one endorses violence, it can come to feel more justifiable.

Natascha Wolff has seen this firsthand, she said at a Traunstein church lunch for local Nigerian families. Wolff, who teaches at a vocational school, has found that young people like her students often express the most anti-refugee views. They seem to draw, she said, on things they saw on Facebook — and a mistaken belief that everyone agrees. People feel confirmed in their viewpoint.

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Her refugee students, she said, have had coffee or other objects thrown at them from windows — casual, light-of-day violence one only braves with the assumption that it will be tolerated. A young woman who attends Ms.

Everyone her age uses the site to discuss refugees, she said, and everyone agrees that they are a threat. Our interviews in Traunstein, along with voter records, suggest that the town is split but leans liberal. Like most Germans, she is at little risk of committing violence. But her Facebook-tinged social norms show in other ways.

She supported hardline anti-immigration policies, she said.

German politics are divided. Even if only a small fraction of Germans harden their views through Facebook, that could make a difference.

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Here in Bavaria, polls show rising support for the far-right, leading the dominant center-right party to adopt immigration policies so hard line they sparked a national crisis in July. Could Facebook really distort social relations to the point of violence? The University of Warwick researchers tested their findings by examining every sustained internet outage in their study window. German internet infrastructure tends to be localized, making outages isolated but common. Sure enough, whenever internet access went down in an area with high Facebook use, attacks on refugees dropped significantly. And they dropped by the same rate at which heavy Facebook use is thought to boost violence.